White Tiger Legend Test Screens in San Francisco

UAP attended the test screening of White Tiger Legend at Viz Cinema in Japantown, San Francisco today. The feature-length animated martial arts film seeks to shed light on long-held secrets of Kung-Fu. To add incredible realism and precise lip-sync to the animated characters, all the dialogue was recorded with facial capture technology. But, “it also introduced a lot of electronic noise to the recordings,” explains Karol. “I used a great deal of noise reduction and processing to create natural sounding dialogue. In the end, I am very proud of the result.”

Because this is an animation, the only thing that was recorded were voices. Backgrounds, crowds, hard effects, and fight scenes all needed to be edited in order to create a seamless soundtrack. One portion that received particular attention was the Foley. For this temp mix, Steve performed much of the Foley utilizing Structure, Avid’s sample-based virtual instrument.  ”At this stage of production, utilizing the sampler allowed me to still ‘perform’ Foley without the need of a costly stage. In animation, Foley is key to adding weight, dimension, life, and believability to the characters. We certainly didn’t want to neglect it in the temp FX build. But there’s a possibility that at this stage animation could still change. This way we save a little now, and have flexibility moving forward.” says Steve.  “The White Tiger Legend” is slated for a 2013 release. Seek the source!

Check out the New Edition of CAS Quarterly: Featuring Fantastic Cover Story About Scott Milan & More!

Check out the newest edition of Cinema Audio Society Quarterly.  It features articles including an interview with Scott Milan, this year’s Career Achievement Award Recipient, working abroad, dynamic range, dealing with sound reports, and much more. Be sure to check out my newest article “The Reality Is…” on the audio post and production of reality programming page 26.

Steve and Karol Take Home Some Bling at the 2011 TIVA DC Peer Awards Ceremony

On November the 19th, Urban Audio Post partners, Steve and Karol Urban, took home individual awards at the 2011 TIVA DC Peer Awards. Steve won a Bronze Peer Award for his mix on a promo for National Geographic for the “Shane Untamed.”  Karol took home a Bronze for her sound design for Discovery Studios “Anxious.” Steve was at the National Press Club to receive the awards.


Karol Urban Provides Sound Design for The Adrenalist Campaign for Degree

Karol Urban provided sound design for The Adrenalist Campaign for Degree. In addition to the branding SFX and telemetry FX used for the graphics package for the online Adrenaline Lab videos, she also provided complete sound design and re-recording mix for the Theatrical Trailer and first 4 episodes of the Adrenaline Lab webisodes, including 2 featurettes on Bear Grylls, and featurettes on Kevin Jorgeson, and Jeremy Jones. Each episodes explores the feelings of adrenaline experienced by these thrill seeking extreme sports celebrities. Learn more here.


The New Summer 2011 Edition of Cinema Audio Society Quarterly is Released: Cover Story on Cloud Computing by Karol Urban

Learn a bit about cloud computing and the new services emerging to specifically service audio professionals in this month’s CAS Quarterly Summer 2011 Edition. Click the image to download and view a pdf of the publication.

Animal Planet’s Polar Bear:Spy On The Ice

Premiering tonight on Animal Planet, Polar Bear:Spy On The Ice is a documentary shot entirely on custom-made spy cams. Karol provided additional sound design and re-recording mix for the special as well as complete audio post for the behind-the-scenes interstitials at Discovery’s Headquarters.


Karol Urban takes home “The Dirty Jobs” DASAPP Award


Amy Crowell, video editor, and Karol Urban, audio mixer, take home “The Dirty Jobs” Award (The Most Challenging Project Award) at the 2010 Discovery Arts and Sciences Post Production Award for “I Escaped: Real Prison Breaks”.


CAS Quarterly Fall 2010 Edition Released: Game Sound Cover Article by Karol Urban

CAS Quarterly Fall 2010 PDF LinkI had the incredible honor and pleasure of interviewing 4 game sound pros in order to answer the questions every linear mixer/sound designer is dying to ask.


Karol Urban Sound Design & Mix on “Anxious” for Discovery Health Channel

Karol Urban completed complete sound design and mix on Anxious airing during Psychology Week on Discovery Health Channel for Discovery Studios.


Karol Urban Mixes Two Planet Green Reality Series

Karol Urban mixed two reality show series for Planet Green. Blood, Sweat and Takeaway and Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts depicts 6 London processed food junkies and throw away fashion fans, respectively, who are challenged to see how their food and clothes are manufactured abroad.

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